my name is micah max schmiedeskamp


Nebraska native, hitting deadlines in Denver, CO for the past 10 years. I try to always do my best work, do most of what my boss says and do it quickly if I can. Work smarter, always (and take a walk at lunch). I’ve worked in teams of all sizes and I love using design to clarify communication and solve problems.


I have been doing graphic design for 15 years.


I am an organizer

I still love to draw

I am weird about shrimp

I enjoy riding bicycles

I have a wonderful daughter

I am a list maker

I love music

I make coffee every morning

I am the voice of a credit union

I remember quark

I wake up early if I can

I rode a camel once

I know how to screen print

I yell at football on the tv

I wear a hat sometimes

I Love design